Koningshoeven Abbey in the Netherlands has introduced a new idea for those discerning entrance into their Trappist monastery: an electronic, or virtual, novitiate, which they call “eNovice.” This system does not seem to be a replacement for the in-person novitiate, but rather is a tool that those interested in the monastery can use to help decide if their monastic interest is real or fleeting. The abbey has set up a website to guide possible entrants: eNovice.nl (in Dutch).

…out of every twenty men who register for an introductory meeting at a monastery, only one or two remain. This process costs the monks of Koningshoeven Abbey in Berkel-Enschot a lot of time.

So when they wanted to start a vocations campaign two years ago, Wits [the project leader at eNovice] came up with the idea of ​​eNovice. In this way people who are interested in monastic life are provided with everything that is necessary for preparing for the first ‘real’ introductory meeting.

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