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Current Call for Papers on Science, Faith, and Religious Life 

Submission deadline: June 15, 2021

This special issue of Review for Religious will treat science, faith, and religious life. Manuscripts on any aspect of this topic will be considered

Caritatis Perfectae 2 taught that those in religious life “should promote among their members an adequate knowledge of the social conditions of the times they live in and of the needs of the Church. In such a way, judging current events wisely in the light of faith and burning with apostolic zeal, they may be able to assist humanity more effectively. 

Few “social conditions” have as great an authority as contemporary science. How can those in religious life meet the challenges in evangelizing those who seem indifferent to the great questions about meaning and assume contemporary science alone is sufficient? 

Of particular interest are manuscripts that treat the challenges of religious education in an age of science. Such submissions might treat the challenge to religious educators whose students assume that contemporary science alone is sufficient, or how schools and universities run by religious orders can approach the relationship between faith and science in their curriculums 

Other submissions may deal with the way advancing technologies in the sciences raise ethical questions, impact hospitals or other institutions run by religious orders, or present new perspectives on traditional theological doctrines.  

More theoretical topics may also be treated, such as the implications of physical constants or “fine tuning” as a kind of dialogical bridge with scientific, secular-minded audiences. There is also a place for submissions about the interpretation of revelation in light of scientific developments. How, for instance, are we to cultivate respect for divine inspiration in the face of trends to bracket off parts of scripture that seem incompatible with current empirical research?   

Finally, reflections on the relationship between religious charism and science are welcome. What impact does the worldview of contemporary science have on one’s religious charism? How does scientific knowledge challenge or cohere with the way a religious order approaches its charism or ministries? 

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